Snoring & Bruxism Appliances

Stop Snoring with Oral Appliance Therapy
You may not have considered talking with a dentist about snoring. Oftentimes, snoring occurs when the lower jaw slips slightly backward during sleep. In this position, the jaw allows soft oral tissues to block airflow. Snoring is actually the sound of those tissues vibrating as you try to breathe.

Dr. Miller can prescribe a comfortable, simple oral appliance that will hold your lower jaw in the proper position while you sleep. Imagine… you can sleep soundly and silently, and feel refreshed in the morning!

Curb the Ill Effects of Grinding with a Custom Nightguard
Grinding your teeth is a destructive habit can cause serious wear. Ultimately, that wear can lead to TMJ disorder, malocclusion, and headaches. Bruxism can also cause tooth breakage, which means emergency dental situations. A custom-made mouth appliance can prevent clenching and grinding teeth. At your dental exam, if the dentist notices tooth wear indicative of bruxism, or if you know that you grind your teeth, ask about a bruxism appliance to protect your smile.

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