Checkups & Cleanings

Every six months, your smile needs a thorough examination and cleaning. When you come in for a checkup, Dr. Miller will talk with you about any pain or concerns you have. This is a great opportunity to discuss cosmetic dentistry if you’ve been thinking about improving your smile. We’ll take digital x-rays and intraoral images, if necessary, to update your records.

Your checkup will include a thorough tooth-by-tooth inspection; a head and neck exam; an assessment of your jaws and occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together); a periodontal exam; and an oral cancer screening. Following the checkup, you’ll meet with your hygienist for a gentle cleaning. She’ll remove plaque, tartar, and debris from your teeth, then discuss brushing and flossing habits with you. If you show signs of gum disease, the hygienist will work with you to plan treatment.

Dental Sealants
Most often, dental sealants are applied to children’s molars to ward off tooth decay. Clear, plastic dental sealants form a barrier between sugars and tooth enamel. They work particularly well on hard-to-clean back teeth or in adult patients who are highly prone to cavities. Learn more about dental sealants here.

Fluoride Therapy
A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride has the unique ability to attract other minerals that strengthen tooth enamel against decay. Much of the water we drink is bottled – and not fluoridated. Simple, fast fluoride application in our office will help keep your mouth healthy and strong. Learn more about dental fluoride supplements here.

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