Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces are the latest technological advancement, replacing the age-old, belt-driven handpieces of the past. With the use of air to propel the engine of the handpiece, you will experience less of the high-pitched siren noise most patients have come to dislike while being treated in the dental office. Electric handpieces reduce acoustical and physical vibrations in the mouth during dental procedures.

Benefits of an electric handpiece include:

  • Quiet. Because air powers the handpiece, they operate with very little noise, reducing the potential for hearing damage and eliminating the irritating sound of the traditional dental drill.
  • Efficient. Procedures can be performed with increased precision, allowing the dentist to remove a smaller amount of tooth structure.
  • Smooth. Electric handpieces work with lower vibrations, which allows for smoother operations.
  • Fast. The electric handpiece allows the dentist to work much quicker, cutting down on the amount of time you spend in the dentist's chair.

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